Visiting the Mine

The Park Acquarossa stands on the ruins of the largest regional lignite mine in the last century; the old entrance was recovered and set up an small room with pictures that illustrate the operation of the mine and the importance it had for the area.
It has also reopened an old mine shaft and is an old mine tunnel. For the boys will be like entering a past known only on TV, with the chance to relive the life and experiences of the miners, led by an expert and a video that tells the story of the underground places. Brief notions of history :

The mine in operation since 1926. It was closed in 1959 due to an accident and the death of Pipetto, the donkey carrying lignite.
From 1926 to 1959, the mine was supplying the Terni steelworks and the convent of Colvalenza.
In the 90 was reopened to power the central Pietrafitta.