The Farm

To the delight of the cooks and lovers of the typical products you will find in the tasting room and sale of various types of legumes Well as lentils, beans and cannellini beans Borlotti, chickpeas, spelled, jams of blackberries and currants , cheese Cascia and our olive oil. The wines like Sagrantino doc, the Montefalco red, the Umbria Rosso, the white of the famous winery: HILLS OF FONTEVECCHIE bordering the Park Acquarossa . CURIOSITY:
Our production of lentils from excellent quality is due to ‘high concentration of iron in the soil that influence the flavor and makes it resistant to pests, therefore we can not afford not to make use of any pesticide. Another feature that distinguishes our production is the rounded shape of the seed, which remains very small in size making it so very tasty and high quality. Moreover the color presents all shades from yellow to greenish brown until denoting speckled design that differs from other species monocolored. The product does not need prior soaking requiring so a cooking time of 15 minutes. The Jams biological are of high quality and go well for the tasting of cheeses of Cascia. All products are not strictly cultivated land by the Company are of local producers our employees producing excellence. As for the production of our oil by making a sensory tasting product, we will find an intense ….? Contact for info
Come and visit our olive grove from which we get an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, unique taste, which you can taste and buy at the selling point of the park.