Avio surface

The track is located 20 km south of Perugia and 8 km west of Montefalco in the green. And ‘well-structured and easy to spot, with gently sloping Hangar side in which they can be admitted airplanes visiting (consistent with the size and space). Alternatively remains the outdoor area with safety measures by the pilot. The flight activity takes place mainly at the weekend although the aviation area is open 365 days a year.
The landing is always allowed and free.
You can attend courses for piloting ultralights and cheap propaganda.

SKIING: 06/24 asfalto – 720×18 – pendenza 5%
COORDINATES: 42° 53,420’ N – 12°31,960’ E
ELEVATION: 937FT (285m)

NOTES: landing only allowed for takeoff runway 24.circuito standard allowed only for runway 06. There are trees before the head 24. At sunset landing may be difficult because of the sun on the horizon.

Gestore Roberto Belia – tel 3409460567

E mail.  Info@aviatorclub.it
Per info scuola di volo contattare Aviator Club